Wanna Be Biker (Poem) – A. Razor

wannabe biker

leather jackets are on sale

on a neon street

in a neon city

that pushes



like a miami vice

undercover crack dealer

purchase the black leather look

that would make every

sid more vicious

every marlon brando

more proud

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Last Words – Jimi Hendrix’s Final Interview Animated

Jimi Collage Exactly a week before his premature death, Jimi Hendrix gave his final interview in London, September 11, 1970. Now, visuals have been put to his words by the PBS series “blank on blank”. If you haven’t seen “Jimi Hendrix on the Experience” yet, then definitely check it out. His perceptions on people, society, creativity, and change still ring true today, 45 years later.

“The way I write things, I just write them with a clash between reality and fantasy mostly. You have to use fantasy to show different sides of reality; it’s how it can bend. As a word reality is nothing, but each individual’s own way of thinking.”

– Jimi Hendrix

Pattie Boyd: a Muse of the Modern Age

Pattie Boyd Story

There are many reasons to make music. Music can be a voice for those who otherwise are not heard. People are inspired to write music to express emotions of frustration, joy, melancholy, and loss. But above all, there seems to be one emotion that makes people want to sing and dance more than any other. It’s love. Love is one of the most powerful drivers of creativity, and amongst all of those who have been the source of inspiration for love songs there are few that are more powerful than those written for Pattie Boyd, who inspired not one but two of the greatest musicians of recent times: George Harrison and Eric Clapton. A true story of love, friendship, desperation, and betrayal; something of a scandal that resulted in the creation of what have been deemed by some to be a few of the greatest love songs of all time. Continue reading

Machines Against Rivers

Machine vs. River

There are two kinds of artists in the world: the machines and the rivers; the technically perfect and the free. The machines are masters of precision, each and every note is clear and faultless. Accuracy is a standard and anything that is even the slightest bit less than perfect is failure. Despite all that is in the machine’s perfection, there is something lacking, something intangible that keeps the audience from bursting with joy or being moved to tears. This is where the river excels. Continue reading