Remembering John Lennon

Today, December 8, 1980, the world lost John Lennon.

I’m not going to say much — so much about John Lennon has already been said. Rather than listen to what everyone has to say about him — that he was an icon, that he was an individual, that he was a genius, that he was a hero, that he was a rebel, that he was a heretic, that he was a messiah. In each head, there is a different picture and a different perspective of who or what John Lennon was. But there is one thing that can’t be argued: the fact that he left a massive impact on the world as he knew it.

I could talk about how when under the threat of deportation he gained citizenship by founding the metaphorical state of Nutopia.

I could talk about how when the FBI considered him a threat to the United States for his anti-war activism, he didn’t even shrug.

I could talk about how when his estranged but loving mother was hit by a car, he didn’t give up music and she became a muse for him from beyond the grave.

I could talk about how when he was assassinated, the entire world cried.

But there is more to John Lennon than just the dramatic events surrounding his life. He was not just a controversy and a celebrity icon. He was an artist and a thinker. He imagined new worlds and worked to bring them into existence through his art. His identity was his own thoughts, not what other people thought of him.

So in order to find out who John Lennon truly was and to really appreciate him, I think its best to listen to what he has to say straight out of his own mouth. So please enjoy listening to his words, his melodies, his ideas, and the essence of John and remember him for himself.

Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for the world by just being the brave, compassionate, beautiful, thoughtful, and loving man you always were. I hope that the world will someday be able to live up to all of your expectations.


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