Wanna Be Biker (Poem) – A. Razor

wannabe biker

leather jackets are on sale

on a neon street

in a neon city

that pushes



like a miami vice

undercover crack dealer

purchase the black leather look

that would make every

sid more vicious

every marlon brando

more proud

look in the mirror as

rock n’ roll dreams

take shape before

your eyes

as harley-davidson wishes

are granted by the bondage fairy

reflected in the grinning teeth

of the smiling devil who

laughs at another

satisfied customer

the transformation

is complete

as you strut

down the street

and the homeless kids

beat you up

and take it away

and you cry

out loud

“This never happened in the movie!”

A. Razor is a poet native to Southern California who has survived and recovered from homelessness, prison, and just not being on good terms with the law overall by writing punk poetry. He now helps others in similar situations to get through hard times through books. In the compilation, “Drawn Blood”, his works from 1985-1995 dealing with subjects such as inequality, confusion, consumerism, poverty, and more can be enjoyed after being scoffed at and overlooked for years. The book is dedicated to Drew Blood, a supporter of art and artists who were turned down for being unconventional and who passed away as a result of AIDS in 1998. If not for him, A. Razor and others’ works may have never seen the light of day. So here’s to the madmen and dreamers and the lost causes who are spat on for being different. At least they’re not wanna be bikers.


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