Shooting Star – Bad Company

Every one of us is a story teller. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to read or write or don’t consider yourself a creative person. The decisions we make, the actions we take, our triumphs and mistakes – they are all just plot points of our own stories. Our choices to take risks or to hold back are what can make our stories not only memorable, but also significant within the scope of the world. Anyone can weave a powerful story – it doesn’t matter how it starts, that is not up to us, but what we can control is how it ends. A story’s greatness isn’t determined by how widely read it is, but by how deeply read. If someone, somewhere is impacted by you, then you know you have done something at least somewhat significant amidst all that has occurred within time and space. Ultimately, it is ourselves who choose how we will remembered, and it is those who do the most to touch those around them that will be remembered most affectionately. British supergroup Bad Company released the song “Shooting Star” on their 1975 album, Straight Shooter. “Shooting Star” is the story of a dreamer, a boy named Johnny who wanted nothing more than to play music.The content of the song is largely influenced by the premature deaths of influential musicians, such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix, by alcohol an drug abuse. It is not focused strictly on their tragic deaths, however, but rather the legacy left behind by someone so talented, so passionate, and so influential, that even after death they continue to be loved and inspiring to anyone who comes across their life’s work.


British supergroup, Bad Company

Johnny was a schoolboy

When he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was And from then it didn’t take him long

Got himself a guitar Used to play every night Now he’s in a rock n’ roll outfit And everything’s alright, don’t you know?

We all dream in the beginning. Usually they’re improbable, outrageous, fantastical dreams that, although logic and statistics say that they will not come true, we are one-hundred percent confident that we will end up doing exactly what we want to do. The visions we have of ourselves are so clear, so vivid, that it seems impossible that we will not follow our calling and be the people that we see ourselves as. It is the people that maintain this childlike self-confidence, in spite of reality, that have the will to pursue their dreams with the determination that will ultimately take them places they may have never imagined.

Art from here.

“Johnny told his mama “Hey, mama, I’m goin’ away Gonna hit the big time Gonna be a big star someday”

Mama came to the door With a teardrop in her eye Johnny said, “Don’t cry, mama” Smiled and wave goodbye, don’t you know? Yeah”

With his guitar and childish dreams in hand, Johnny must take that first leap of faith. Eventually, it will come time to leave the comforting warmth of the home that nurtured his fantasies. A dream is one thing; its realization is completely different. There is no way of telling what will happen once you take your first step outside of mama’s door. The world could love you. Or it could hate you. But you will never know until you take that first, daring, frighteningly beautiful step into the real world. leaving home

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star Don’t you know? Don’t you know? Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? And all the world will love you just as long As long as you are”

Dreamers hurl themselves at the world with all that they have. In spite of where they may have come from, those who pursue their dreams will always stand out amongst a crowd of stagnant people who are afraid of taking risks. All of us are stars who have the potential to shine brightly, but its the ones that dare to throw themselves across the dark night sky that have the most impact on those watching below. A shooting star doesn’t know where it’s going to land, but that doesn’t keep it from flying.

“Johnny made a record Went straight up to number one Suddenly everyone loved To hear him sing the song

Watchin’ the world go by Surprisin’ it goes so fast Johnny looked around him and said Well, I made the big-time at last”

Some times you try and fail. But every once in a while, you try and you luck out, making it “straight up to number one”. By taking chances and persevering, who knows what will happen? Maybe, just maybe, the opportunity to leave your mark on the world will come along.

looking down

Even when you make it to the top, you are still the same childish dreamer when you look back down.

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? Don’t you know? Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? And all the world will love you just as long As long as you are

Johnny died one night, died in his bed Bottle of whisky, sleeping tablets by his head Johnny’s life passed him by like a warm summer day If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play”

Shooting stars fly across the sky, but eventually, they will sometime fall back to earth. Like many rockstars, Johnny flew too high – and fell too hard. Johnny died young and his life was short, but does that really mean anything? It would make no difference if he had instead died at the age of eighty in a hospital bed because it is the impact that he had one the world, not how he entered or exited it, that is important. People will find a way to look past whatever situation you were born into if your work can touch them. If your music, words, paintings, pictures, discoveries, or inventions can somehow move someone, then the essence of you will forever be carried on the wind. dandelion

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? Don’t you know? Don’t you know Don’t you know that you are a shooting star Don’t you know?

Don’t you know that you are a shooting star Don’t you know?”

A shooting star. When you see one streak across the night sky in all its blazing glory, you don’t question where it came from or where it’s going. None of those things matter. It is that brief moment of awe and wonderment as you are exposed to it’s illuminating brilliance that will stay with you. It doesn’t matter whether that shooting star crashes and burns in a hole in the ground or if it finds a seat as a crowning jewel on heaven’s brow. Wherever it’s headed, what you’ll remember is that it had the audacity to leap when all other stars appeared still. The people that leave the greatest impact on those around them are the ones that amaze us. It could be a boy who left home to become a rockstar, or maybe it was a woman who went to prison for fighting for her rights, or a soldier who died in battle defending the people he loved, or even the wise old man whose eyes twinkled as he told you stories about wonders of life. It doesn’t matter who a person is, or what he or she does, because the impact that he or she has on you and what they teach you is what you will carry on not only within yourself but to those around you. So don’t ever forget those shooting stars, that dare to streak across the still night sky. Because by wishing upon them and being inspired by them, they give us the courage to take a leap into oblivion and, with luck, to maybe take flight ourselves. shooting_star_by_waldyrious


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