15 Small Acts of Rebellion


We live in a world of expectations. We are expected to act like this, dress like that, land that high-paying job, be respectable. But what’s the point? There is a reason that sheep are not the dominant species on the planet. The world is influenced by the rebels, the individuals, those who challenge the system and stick it to the man. And yet, the world promotes conformity and compliance to the system. What people don’t realize when they tell you to be a certain way is that you can’t leave your mark on the world if someone has already left behind one identical to yours.

You don’t have to go to riots and protests and throws bricks through politicians’ windows to be a rebel. Everyone is different, so all you have to do is act upon what you believe in and know that whatever you are doing, it’s you and not what someone else wants you to be. Conformity is one of the most tragic ways people are suppressed because people choose to submit to the will of others in spite of themselves. So if you ever feel like you are being bogged down by society’s expectations for you, here are a few of my suggestions:

1. Listen to loud music. The only thing that loud music can’t cure is a headache. Turn the volume  up on the stereo in your room or in your car, roll down your windows, and most of all don’t pay attention to the weird looks that the neighbors or the other drivers on the road are giving you.

2. Wear something that’s unique or different that you like. It doesn’t have to be totally bizarre or outrageous (but if that’s what you want to do, by all means go for it), as long as it’s something that makes you stand out from the sea of faces.

3. Make a fool of yourself in a public place and not care what other people must be thinking because you are having a good time.

4. When it you feel that something is wrong with society, humanity, or the even the world in general, create something that reflects how you feel and show it to someone else, either in person or online, to one person or many.

5. Randomly rant to a friend about something. Who knows, maybe they’ll agree that people should stop using violence to solve problems or that the pockets of women’s jeans need larger pockets.

6. Make a list of reasons why you are afraid of doing or saying something on a piece of paper. Then, rip it apart and realize that  overcoming your fear will be just as satisfying as shredding that piece of paper.

7. Ask questions, whether out loud or to yourself.

8. Find a sticker, patch, picture, or even a doodle or quote of your own that says something that you believe in. Then, stick it on your car, adhere it to a jacket or bag, put it in your binder cover, or anywhere that other people will see it.

9. Create your trademark. Maybe there’s a phrase that you like that you would like to use more often or maybe you have a special handshake that you use to greet people. Whatever floats your boat.

10. Say something when you know that someone or something is hurting somebody or something else.

11. Find a cause that you are passionate about and fight for it. Join a volunteer group, petition, just do something.

12. Recall a time when someone told you not to do something as a child and could never figure out why. If there is still no good reason, then just go for it.

13. Think of something that most people don’t know, maybe it is an underrated movie or artist that you like, something strange that has occurred to you, or maybe it is something unusual about yourself, and tell someone about it.

14. Find an item of clothing, a hair accessory,  a piece of jewelry, etc. that you like that someone told you looked stupid and wear it anyway.

15. Go to the place where you feel most at peace and just THINK.

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